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Who can join?

Anyone, boy or girl, from 12 years old to 18. Younger boys and girls join the Junior Sea Cadets from age 10

Do you have to join the Royal Navy or Royal Marines when you leave?

Not at all. The Sea Cadets are not a pre-service organization, but if you do want to join one of the sea services, the Sea Cadet Corps will support you.

What do you do?

What don't we do! Not only do we do waterborne activities such as sailing, canoeing, windsurfing, rowing, power boating, etc., we shoot, swim, hike, camp and fly, as well as visiting Royal Naval ships and bases, and doing specialist courses in seamanship, communications, engineering, physical training, and so on. As long as the insurance covers it, there is nothing we can't do!

Do I wear a uniform?

Yes. The Sea Cadets are proud to wear a uniform which is almost identical to the Royal Navy. Cadets are issued with two uniforms, a working rig and a best rig.

Who is in charge?

Each unit is under the command of a Commanding Officer, who is assisted by a team of officers, senior rates and instructors. Any staff instructing an activity are fully trained and qualified to do so. All staff must be approved by the Commanding Officer before they are permitted to teach cadets. For more information about joining a unit as adult staff, please contact the unit.

How much does it cost?

We charge a weekly subscriptions of 1.00 which goes towards upkeep of unit headquarters. When a cadet is issued their uniform, a deposit is  paid on it of 10. The only other things which cost are courses, but most courses cost under 15 per week, all inclusive. All normal unit activities and boat work are usually FREE.

How come it's so cheap?

The Sea Cadet Corps is partly subsidized by the Royal Navy and Sea Cadet Association (formerly the Navy League) but most of its money comes from fundraising activities, as both the Corps itself and each individual unit are registered charities.

What do I do next?

Come along to Gateshead Sea Cadets. The staff will be only too happy to help you.